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Capacitive Touch Switch, ,Illuminated Green

Nr. stoc RS 137-1131
Marca VCC
Cod de producator CTHS15CIC05ONOFF

2 in stoc UK

2 in stoc UK

€ 6,80

Each (In a Tube of 10) (fara TVA)

€ 8,092

Each (In a Tube of 10) (cu TVA)

Capacitive Touch Switch, ,Illuminated Green

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10 - 10€ 6,80
20 - 40€ 6,50
50+€ 6,19

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2 in stoc UK

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VCC CTH Series Capacitive Touch Sensor LED Display

A range of capacitive touch sensor display switches in standard 15 x 15 mm through-hole PCB mounting format. The touch sensor display technology provides a fast and intuitive interface for users and the elimination of electromechanical parts ensures a reliable and long operating life. The VCC CTH Series modules incorporate a capacitive sensor IC and a coloured LED display. The sensors are available with five different LED display colour options, and with a choice of three graphic overlays for the LED display.

Capacitive Touch Switches


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