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Bench ESD-Safe Mat, 1.2m x 600mm x 3mm

Nr. stoc RS 787-2102
Marca RS PRO

258 in stoc UK

258 in stoc UK

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Bench ESD-Safe Mat, 1.2m x 600mm x 3mm

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258 in stoc UK

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RS PRO ESD Bench Matting

Introducing RS PRO ESD bench matting. These mats are designed to help prevent damage to ESD sensitive items and assemblies from Electrostatic Discharge. During application, the mats drain static charge, ground the item and protect surfaces from wear.

Where would you use these ESD mats?

Anti-static matting should be laid out in the workshops or advanced laboratories for microelectronic industries such as electronic semi-conduct devices, electronic computers, electronic communication equipment and integrated circuits.

Bench Matting


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