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Murata, 0402 (1005M) 33nF MLCC 10V dc ±10% , SMD GRM155R71A333KA01D

Nr. stoc RS 723-5212
Marca Murata
Cod de producator GRM155R71A333KA01D

5900 in stoc UK

5900 in stoc UK

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Murata, 0402 (1005M) 33nF MLCC 10V dc ±10% , SMD GRM155R71A333KA01D

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5900 in stoc UK

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Murata GRM 0402 X7R Dielectric

Murata GRM Series General Purpose MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors) also known as ceramic chip capacitors. These are widely used for general purpose applications.

The GRM series MLCC capacitors are classified into high dielectric and temperature compensating capacitors.

The High Dielectric MLCCs use materials that have a high dielectric constant and they also feature a large electrostatic capacitance, used on applications such as power supply and decoupling and for smoothing circuits

The temperature compensating MLCCs only have a small change in electrostatic capacitance and are used in applications such as high-frequency matching and filters.

Ceramic SMT 0402


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