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Hirose, DF40, 80 Way, 2 Row, Straight PCB Header

Nr. stoc RS 772-6737
Marca Hirose
Cod de producator DF40C-80DP-0.4V(58)

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1000 in stoc UK

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Hirose, DF40, 80 Way, 2 Row, Straight PCB Header

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1000 in stoc UK

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Hirose DF40 Series 0.4 mm Board to Board Connectors

DF40 Series 0.4 mm board to board and board to FPC header and socket connectors with a high density, low profile space saving design. The width of these connectors is a minimum of 3.38 mm but there is still sufficient space for a vacuum area for pick and place mounting. These DF40 Series connectors are available with a range of stack heights from 1.5 mm to 4.0 mm for high density mounting and design versatility. The contacts of these DF40 series connectors offer high contact reliability with an effective mating length of 0.45 mm on the lowest 1.5 mm stacking height. Nickel plated barriers protect the contact areas from solder wicking. These 0.4mm DF40 connectors feature a locking mechanism to prevent accidental unmating. Once mating is complete a tactile click is produced to provide mating assurance. Guide ribs on the connector enable the connector to self-align by 0.33 mm during mating. These DF40 connectors have a reinforced structure with shock absorbing ribs that help protect against damage caused by impact or vibration. When mated the housing of these DF40 connectors covers the contacts protecting them from dust and debris and preventing shorting. The SMT leads are positioned close to the connector which also prevents contaminants from causing shorts on the exposed contacts

0.4mm Hirose - DF40


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