Tool Rolls

A tool roll is a storage item for tool kits. It is often made from material and can be rolled up for portability.
Tool rolls are perfect for the mobile engineer and these can even be used as a household item for storing tools when space is limited. Tool boxes are great containers especially when a large selection of tools are required, but these tool rolls are essential for a quick and easy solution to storage.

Features and Benefits
• Versions with handles and mounting hooks for easy convenience
• Various sizes available
• Compartment numbers and sizes vary
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Material Length Width Culoare
RS PRO Black Nylon Tool Roll 380mm x 200mm RS Pro 383 Nylon 380mm 200mm Black
RS PRO Black Polyester Tool Roll 650mm x 270mm RS Pro 296 Polyester 650mm 270mm Black
RS PRO Black Polyester Tool Roll 580mm x 380mm RS Pro 253 Polyester 580mm 380mm Black
RS PRO Black; Red Polyester Tool Roll 580mm x 510mm RS Pro 136 Polyester 580mm 510mm Black; Red
CK Grey; Black; Red Polyester Tool Roll 480mm x 150mm
  • Nr. Stoc RS 756-4589
  • Marca CK
  • Cod Producator MA2718
CK 57 Polyester 480mm 150mm Grey; Black; Red
Technics Black Tool Roll 590mm x 525mm Technics 43 - 590mm 525mm Black
CK Black Polyester Tool Roll
  • Nr. Stoc RS 768-9770
  • Marca CK
  • Cod Producator MA2719
CK 22 Polyester - - Black
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