Tool Trays

A tool tray is designed to keep all components for a particular job together in one place.

Whether you need certain tools for a particular job keeping all together in one place, or whether you need to keep specific parts together, tool trays are a great way of doing this.
They offer a simple solution to seeing all tools, enabling the work to be carried out knowing you have everything you need to complete the job, or knowing that all component parts needed are there during a rebuild or specific task.

Tool trays come in a variety of materials and sizes, depending upon your individual requirements.
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Material Dimensions Width Length Height
RS PRO TPR Parts Tray, W 127 RS Pro 341 TPR - 127 - -
RS PRO Polystyrene Drip Tray, W 300mm, L 450mm, H 100mm RS Pro 92 Polystyrene 450 x 300 x 100mm 300mm 450mm 100mm
RS PRO Stainless Steel Tool Tray, W 330mm, L 250mm, H 30mm RS Pro 75 Stainless Steel 330 x 250 x 30mm 330mm 250mm 30mm
RS PRO Polystyrene Drip Tray, W 320mm, L 510mm, H 65mm RS Pro 60 Polystyrene 510 x 320 x 65mm 320mm 510mm 65mm
Stanley Multi Purpose Tote Tray Stanley 56 Polypropylene 200 x 330 x 500mm - - -
RS PRO Polyethylene Oil Drain Pan, W 400mm RS Pro 55 Polyethylene 400mm 400mm - -
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