Bases & Arms

Bases and arms are used within various applications, including photography studios and general workshops. The bases are a mixture of magnetic, clamped versions and suction cups to suit the environment they are situated in. Whether it is bases with fixed arms or adjustable arms, each product has a unique ability to match itself to the project in question.

Features and Benefits
• Both aluminium and steel materials available
• All models are highly reliable and excellent quality
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Material Vacuum Base Arm Type
Noga 45mm clamp Noga 7 Metal - -
Noga Quick release adaptor Noga 2 - - -
DTI clamp centre lock magnetic base Noga 229 Aluminium Alloy - Center Lock
Standard linear magnetic base Noga 115 - - Solid Cross
Noga thread/indicator arm Noga 84 Aluminium Alloy - Center Lock
Fine adjustment linear magnetic base Noga 75 - - Flexible
Miniature magnetic base,40x35x30mm Noga 63 - - Locking
Snake arm mag base RS Pro 62 - - Flexible
Noga articulated light weight camera arm Noga 37 Aluminium - Heavy Duty
Light Duty Magnetic Switch Base RS Pro 24 - - Solid Cross
Flexible arm magnetic base Mitutoyo 21 - - Flexible
Fine Adjustment Base RS Pro 19 - - Solid Cross
Light Duty Magnetic Base RS Pro 14 - - Solid Cross
Noga articulated heavy duty camera arm Noga 14 Steel - Heavy Duty
Centre lock switchable magnet base set Noga 13 Steel - Center Lock
Noga centre lock magnetic clamp base Noga 10 Steel - Center Lock
Camera Arm 1/4 x 1/4 Noga 9 Aluminium Yes Flexible
Double Jointed Indicator Holder RS Pro 6 - No Double Jointed
Single Jointed Indicator Holder RS Pro 6 - No Single Jointed
Noga centre lock vacuum base Noga 4 Aluminium Alloy Yes Center Lock
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