Drill Stands

What is a drill stand?
A drill stand is a stabilization device designed to hold an electric rotary device in position. Drills are loaded into stands and locked into the desired position for use. Hand levers or rotary wheels on a drill stand allow the user to manually lower the stabilized spinning drill bit straight down into the surface of the material. Many drill stands have adjustable brackets to mount rotary tools of varying sizes. Bolt or screw-in fasteners are loosened on the drill stand mounting bracket until the body of the power drilling device can be accommodated.
Care for your drill stand
Drill stands may require lubrication to continue to crank smoothly up and down. The teeth on the centre column are like ladder rungs for the mounted drill to climb. Grit and dust caught in the gears may make the drill stand difficult to operate.
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Drill stand for Dremel multi-tool kit Dremel 46 Drill Stand
RS PRO Drill Vice Mini Vice RS Pro 35 Mini Vice
RS PRO Drill Stand Drill Stand RS Pro 22 Drill Stand
RS PRO Drill Stand Drill Clamp RS Pro 13 Drill Clamp
Dremel Drill Stand Attachment Shaping Platform Attachment Dremel 4 Shaping Platform Attachment
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