Stethoscopes & Sonoscopes

Stethoscopes and sonoscopes are both devices for listening to internal sounds whether that be in a living being, piping or within machinery.

What is a stethoscope?
Electronic stethoscopes are able to amplify low sound levels and then transmit them to a device giving a visual output as well as an audible output. They have probes which are used for monitoring bearings and machine parts to identify the cause of noise and usually have adjustable volume controls.
Medical stethoscopes have a small round resonator that is placed against the chest and two ear pieces which are connected to the resonator by tubes. They are mostly used to listen to sounds within the lungs and heart but can also hear flow in the intestines and arteries.

What is a sonoscope?
A sonoscope is a device for detecting leaks in water meters, valves and hydrants. They are handheld leak detectors and work by placing the pointed end against the pipe or valve and then listening to hear if there is a leak.
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Sonoscope with extension piece RS Pro 70 - - RS229-5468A
Electronic stethoscope kit Compact 11 AAA 0°C STE3
Electronic Stethoscope SKF 7 AAA, R03 -10°C TMST 3
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