Chalk Lines

A Chalk line or also known as a Chalk box is a simple hand tool that consists of a box filled with chalk powder with a reel of string inside it. The chalk lines are a tool for marking long, straight lines over distances onto the surface of an object to provide accurate guides where using a ruler or straight edge tool would be impractical. On the end of the chalk powdered string is a metal hook which can be attached to an object at one end and then reeled out across the surface and pulled taut. Once the chalk string line is in the correct position it can be plucked at its centre and the tension in the string will make it snap back down and create a chalk line on the surface of your object. Chalk lines are typically used to mark lines on relatively flat surfaces. This chalk line tool provides accurate guides prior to cutting, laying tiles, levelling posts, handing wallpaper and many other tasks and is mostly used in carpentry.
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Line Material Length Supplied with
Stanley 30m Chalk Line & Blue Chalk, Chalk Line Reel, Fine Tip Marker Stanley 41 - 30m Blue Chalk, Chalk Line Reel, Fine Tip Marker
Stanley 30m Polycotton Chalk Line Stanley 32 Polycotton 30m -
Stanley 30m Polymer Chalk Line & Chalk Line Reel Stanley 15 Polymer 30m Chalk Line Reel
Stanley 30m Polyester Chalk Line & Black Chalk Stanley 10 Polyester 30m Black Chalk
Stanley 9M Pocket Chalk Line Stanley 8 - 9m -
METAL CHALK LINE REEL DELA.3298.15 Facom 6 - 15m -
  • Nr. Stoc RS 269-4310
  • Marca CK
  • Cod Producator T3520B
CK 3 - 30m Chalk Refill
Stanley 45m Polyester & Nylon Chalk Line Stanley 3 Polyester; Nylon 45m -
ALUMINIUM CHALK LINE REEL DELA.3299.15 Facom 0 Polycotton 15m Hook
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