Hydraulic Pump Seal Kits

Hydraulic pump seal kits are used for the repair, replacement and sealing of hydraulic pumps. These kits can contain items like washers, inline check valves, banjo fittings, bolts and compression rings. Specialised seal kits contain cylinder applications for pumps used in construction, refuse, logging and material handling industries.

What are hydraulic pump seal kits used for?

Hydraulic seals are important parts for ensuring the correct operation of pumps. Hydraulic pump seal kits are used for refurbishing and replacement activities or during breakdowns when emergency sealing is called for.

Types of hydraulic pump seal kits

Various kits are available and are designed for specific applications:

  • Mobile repair kits are used for mobile machinery and equipment like trucks or portable sewage pumps or water pumps.
  • Industrial repair kits contain cylinders for use in plastic injection, die cast and blow moulding equipment often used in the plastics manufacturing industry.
  • Testing kits are used for pumps that test hydraulic circuits, pressure vessels and die castings containing robust seals and cylinders.
  • Manual repair kits are available for the DIY user with standardised components to seal and protect many types of hydraulic hand pump units.
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