Scalpel & Craft Knife Sets

Scalpels and craft knives are commonly used for art and craft projects. They have extremely sharp, thin blades held in place by a lightweight metal or plastic handle.

Scalpel and craft knives are ideal for cutting out intricate shapes or to trimaway excess, for use on delicate materials, model making, etching, scribing and scraping. They offer the user both precision and accuracy.

Scalpels and craft knives can be used on a variety of different materials such as paper, cardboard, clay, rubber, wood and other difficult to cut materials.

Scalpels as well as scalpel blades can be single-use disposable or re-usable, depending upon your requirements. Scalpel blades are made from hardened and tempered steel, stainless steel especially surgical blades, or high carbon steel and are designed to fit into the scalpel handle. Craft knives often have safety scalpels which are retractable blades.

Scalpel blades and craft knife blades can be individually sealed in foil packets for safety reasons and to keep them sterile, they can also be covered by protective rust inhibitors and are often supplied in packs. Sterile as well as non-sterile blades are available.

There are disposable craft knives and scalpels so no need to constantly change your blade. The blades are usually stainless steel or carbon steel. These are designed to be used a handful of times and then disposed of.

How do I replace a scalpel or craft knife blade?

When replacing a scalpel or craft knife blade it is a good idea to have a blade remover, for safety reasons and a sharps bin especially for surgical blades. Open the scalpel blade wrapper with the split in the wrapper. Remove the blade with an instrument possibly a surgical instrument such as forceps. Match up the scalpel blade to the scalpel handle. Slide the blade down until it falls into the small groves in the scalpel handle. Keep moving the blade down until it clicks into place.

For a craft knife, the collet which secures the blade will need to be opened. Remove the blade from the handle and carefully dispose of it. Insert a new blade into the slot at the handle end. Lock the handle.
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Number of Blades Number of Handles Number of Knives Blade Shape Handle Material Handle Length Overall Length Set Contents
Craft Knife Set With 1 Blades and 1 Handles 1 Stainless Steel Facom 0 1 1 1 - - 115mm 186 mm -
Craft Knife Set With 1 Blades and 1 Handles 1 Wood Stainless Steel Facom 0 1 1 1 - Wood 100mm 160 mm -
3 piece Stanley(R) disposable knife set Stanley 3882 - - 3 - Polypropylene - 140 mm Disposable Knife (x3)
Craft Knife Set With 5 Blades, Flat and 1 Handles Metal Swann-Morton 745 5 1 - Flat Metal - - Blades (x5), Handle
Craft Knife Set With 10 Blades, Square; Flat; Rounded; Diagonal and 3 Handles Aluminium RS Pro 490 10 3 - Square; Flat; Rounded; Diagonal Aluminium - - Handles (x3): #1; #2 Precision/Medium Duty; #5 Plastic Heavy Duty; Fitted with Blade; Assorted Blades (x10)
Craft Knife Set With 37 Blades, Square; Flat; Rounded; Diagonal and 7 Handles RS Pro 61 37 7 - Square; Flat; Rounded; Diagonal - - - Handles (x7), Pointed Picks (x5), Precision Cutting Blades (x37), Sharpening Stone
Craft Knife Set With 12 Blades, Chisel, Curved, Curved Carving, Pointed and 2 Handles Stanley 52 12 2 - Chisel, Curved, Curved Carving, Pointed - - - 11mm Large Chisel Blade, 11mm Large Curved Blade, 11mm Large Pointed Blade, 4mm Sharp Point Blade x 2, 5mm 45° Blade x 2, Curved Carving Blade x 2, Handle x 2, Pointed Blade x 3
Craft Knife Set With 6 Blades, Square; Flat; Rounded; Diagonal and 1 Handles Aluminium RS Pro 0 6 1 - Square; Flat; Rounded; Diagonal Aluminium 115mm - Handle; Blades (x6)
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