Compact Fluorescent Floodlights

Compact fluorescent floodlights (also referred to as CFLs) are much smaller than other types of floodlights without compensating on the level of illumination produced. Compact fluorescent floodlights are more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs as most of their energy is converted to light rather than being wasted as heat. LED floodlightsoffer similar benefits to compact fluorescent lights and are becoming increasingly popular as they are lightweight and more energy efficient.

What are compact fluorescent floodlights used for?

Compact fluorescent floodlights can be used for illumination for a range of outdoor activities such as building, gardening or general DIY. If connected to an appropriate power source, the small size of these floodlights allows them to be extremely mobile so they can be used on camping trips or for automobile breakdown repair.

Types of

compact fluorescent floodlights

Compact fluorescent floodlights are generally run off 120V or 230V power supplies. They can accommodate a range of fluorescent bulbs including linear bulbs, non-integrated fluorescent lampsand spiral bulbs.

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