Hot Plates & Stirrers

Hot plates are pieces of equipment used to heat glassware and/or its contents in scientific applications. Most hot plates are available with a ceramic or metal surface that is chemical and acid resistant. These high-quality laboratory devices have been designed for applications where boiling acid for a long period of time is necessary.
Types of hot plates and how to choose the right one?
• Hot plates can be equipped with a digital or analogue temperature controls
• Hot plates are available with silicon, metal or ceramic plates
• They are available in a range of sizes and power
• Maximum hotplate temperature depends on the power of the device and can be easily adjusted for heating requirements.
• To make a right decision on a hot plate type, you need to consider all of the above and also the manufacturer of the device.
Hot stirrers use magnetic force alongside a hot plate to stir and heat liquids, without motions which may cause spillages. The liquid is placed in a glass beaker or container onto the hotplate. A rotating magnetic field then causes the liquid to spin. This spinning action causes a stirring motion. Hot stirrers often come with adjustable dials for different paces of stirring.
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Magnetised bars for magnetic stirring
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Hanna Instruments 80 - - - - - - 7 (Dia.) x 25mm - 7mm - 25mm HI 731319 - - -
Stuart US150 Hot Plate, 700W, Aluminium, Silicon Alloy Stuart 31 Aluminium, Silicon Alloy 150 x 150mm +325°C - - 700W 172 x 248 x 120mm 2.2kg - 120mm 172mm US150 150mm 248mm 150mm
Hotplate, ceramic plate, 500W, 450DegC Stuart 17 Ceramic 150 x 150mm +450°C - - 500W 172 x 248 x 122mm 2.2kg - 122mm 172mm UC150 150mm 248mm 150mm
Stuart UC152 Hot Stirrer, max. capacity 15L, Ceramic Stuart 15 Ceramic 150 x 150mm +450°C 15L 2000rpm 550W 172 x 248 x 122mm 2.9kg - 122mm 172mm UC152 150mm 248mm 150mm
Stuart US152 Hot Stirrer, max. capacity 15L, Aluminium, Silicon Alloy Stuart 15 Aluminium, Silicon Alloy 150 x 150mm +325°C 15L 2000rpm 750W 172 x 248 x 120mm 2.9kg - 120mm 172mm US152 150mm 248mm 150mm
Stuart US151 Magnetic Stirrer, max. capacity 15L, Stainless Steel Stuart 13 Stainless Steel 150 x 150mm - 15L 2000rpm 50W 172 x 248 x 109mm 2kg - 109mm 172mm US151 150mm 248mm 150mm
RS PRO Hot Stirrer, 700W, Aluminium, Silicon Alloy RS Pro 7 Aluminium, Silicon Alloy 160 x 160mm +325°C - - 700W 300 x 190 x 110mm 2.5kg - 110mm 300mm - 160mm 190mm 160mm
Stuart UC151 Magnetic Stirrer, max. capacity 15L, Ceramic Stuart 7 Ceramic 150 x 150mm - 15L 2000rpm 50W 172 x 248 x 107mm 2kg - 107mm 172mm UC151 150mm 248mm 150mm
Hanna Instruments HI 180 Magnetic Stirrer, max. capacity 1L Hanna Instruments 5 - - - 1L 1000rpm - 137 (Dia.) x 51mm 640g 137mm 51mm - HI 180 - - -
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