Electric Nail & Staple Guns

Electric Nail Guns, also known as Electric Tackers or nailers, are devices designed to help with repetitive stapling or nailing tasks. Electric nail guns offer efficiency and ease of use. These machines are ideal for wide range of usage for example carpeting, wire fencing or upholstery. Some electric tackers are suitable for stapling with nails and staples but some only support staples. These devices are fully electric operated and do not need any additional gas cylinders.
Types of electric nail guns
Electric Nail guns are available as corded or battery operated devices. Battery operated nail guns are more expensive than corded versions but give much more flexibility, especially when are in use on construction sites. The biggest manufacturers on the market, such as DeWALT or Stanley guarantee high-quality machines with a long time guarantee.
How to choose the right Nail Gun
One of the biggest differences between nail guns is a type of power source. Battery operated guns give more flexibility for example on construction sites but corded versions are ideal for static work places such as workshops. The other important attribute that has a significant impact on final decision is the type of staples used for work. Bear in mind, some nail guns work with nails only while the other ones need staples or can use both.
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Staple Leg Length Staple Capacity Pin Capacity Plug Type Model Number
10mm Staples for 753-3302 (box of 5000) Arrow 155000 10mm - - - 506IP
RS PRO 25mm Staple Gun 50 Staples 50 Pins RS Pro 251 25mm 50 50 Type C - EuroPlug, Type G - British 3-pin -
RS PRO 10mm Nail & Staple Gun 50 Staples 50 Pins RS Pro 203 10mm 50 50 Type C - EuroPlug, Type G - British 3-pin -
Stanley HD Stapler Euro Plug Stanley 24 - - - Type C - EuroPlug 6-TRE650
Stanley Electric Heavy Duty Stapler Stanley 15 - - - Type C - EuroPlug 0-TRE550
DeWALT DCN681D2 12 → 38mm Nail & Staple Gun Dewalt 2 12 → 38mm - - - DCN681D2
Dewalt DCN890 Nail & Staple Gun 33 Pins Dewalt 1 - - 33 - DCN890
50mm nail pack for 500EL Box of 1000 Rapesco 0 - - - - 500EL
Rapid 12mm Staples 120 Staples 100 Pins Rapid 0 12mm 120 100 - -
Rapid RAPID 606 12; 15; 18; 23; 25mm Staple Gun 120 Staples 100 Pins Rapid 0 12; 15; 18; 23; 25mm 120 100 Type C - EuroPlug RAPID 606
Steinel J214EA 14mm Nail & Staple Gun 100 Staples Steinel 0 14mm 100 - - J214EA
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