Adhesive Syringe Guns

Adhesive syringe guns are tools used to join materials and parts together with molten adhesive. Bars of solid adhesive or glue sticks are placed at the back of the gun. When the trigger is pressed, liquid glue is dispersed from the nozzle. The adhesive flow is controlled by a check valve located directly behind the nozzle.

What are adhesive syringe guns used for?

Adhesive syringe guns are used to apply thermoplastic adhesives to products and materials. These guns are also used for dipping and spraying purposes, such as in the automotive and manufacturing industries where product assembly takes place.

Types of adhesive syringe guns

Adhesive syringe guns have both low temperature and high temperature applications:

  • Low temperature guns have a melting point of 250 degrees and are used for delicate materials.
  • High temperature guns have a melting point of 400 degrees and are sued for hard, robust materials.
  • Dual temperature guns have multi-temperature attributes and are used in factories where sensitive, as well as hard materials need to be bonded within the same production process.
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