Mini Mills

Mini mills are small milling tools that are made typically from types of steel such as cobalt.
How do they work?
Mini mills will fit into your power tool and enable you to drill down very finite amounts to desired effect. They are typically very cheap and easily replaceable making them perfect for quick jobs.
Features and benefits:
• Low cost making them easy to replace
• Work on a range of material types such as steel, stainless steel, copper etc.
• Short and long series are available
• E8 tolerances
Where might I use one?
• Any type of construction work
• DIY work at home
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Detalii produs Clearance Stock Cutter Diameter Cut Length Overall Length Number Of Flutes
Dormer HSCo 34 mm Mini Mill, 3mm Cut Diameter, 7.5mm Cut Length 14.5mm 44 3mm 7.5mm 34 mm 3
Dormer HSCo 24.5 mm Mini Mill, 1mm Cut Diameter, 2mm Cut Length 8.5mm 34 1mm 2mm 24.5 mm 2
Dormer HSCo 25.5 mm Mini Mill, 2mm Cut Diameter, 3mm Cut Length 9.5mm 33 2mm 3mm 25.5 mm 3
Dormer HSCo 44.5 mm Mini Mill, 6mm Cut Diameter, 16mm Cut Length 20.5mm 27 6mm 16mm 44.5 mm 3
Dormer HSCo 26 mm Mini Mill, 2.5mm Cut Diameter, 4mm Cut Length 10mm 18 2.5mm 4mm 26 mm 3
Dormer HSCo 36 mm Mini Mill, 6mm Cut Diameter, 9.5mm Cut Length 15mm 13 6mm 9.5mm 36 mm 3
Dormer HSCo 28 mm Mini Mill, 3mm Cut Diameter, 4.5mm Cut Length 11mm 1 3mm 4.5mm 28 mm 3
Dormer HSCo 32.5 mm Mini Mill, 4mm Cut Diameter, 6.5mm Cut Length 12.5mm 0 4mm 6.5mm 32.5 mm 3
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