Clearance Gauges

What are Clearance gauges?
A clearance gauge is a device for measuring clearances. RS Pro plastigauge precision clearance gauges provides an effective method for the measurement of clearance between fitted surfaces. Ideal for measuring clearances in split bearings or in cases where a feeler gauge cannot be used. They are quick and easy to use with accurate results. Useful in production, inspection and servicing.
Ideal for use with
• Mains bearings
• Pipe Flanges
• Head gasket
• High spots
• Housings
• Injection moulding tools
These gauges are also useful for measuring the clearance in large bearings which include:
• Marine drive shaft bearings
• Turbine housing bearings
• Pump and pressure system bearings
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Detalii produs Maximum Measurement Stock Minimum Measurement
RS PRO Clearance Gauge, 0.025 → 0.175 mm 0.175mm 4420 0.025mm
RS PRO Clearance Gauge, 0.175 → 0.5 mm 0.5mm 1420 0.175mm
RS PRO Clearance Gauge, 0.1 → 0.25 mm 0.25mm 650 0.1mm
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