A mandrel is a shaft or bar that is inserted into a hole in your work to hold it in place during machining.
Types of Mandrels
• Expanding mandrels are slightly tapered with an expandable wedge for holding your work.
• Plain mandrels are hardened with tempered steel bar-holding mechanisms.
• Nut mandrels are straight mandrels with a thread at one end.
Use of Mandrels
• Lathes
• Jewellery making for forming the perfect shape
• Tube bending and formation
• Mounting s gear blank or pulley between centres
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Replacement Mandrel Kits, M5 RS Pro M5
Replacement Mandrel Kits,M4 RS Pro M4
RS PRO M8 Mandrel RS Pro M8
Replacement Mandrel Kits, M3 RS Pro M3
Replacement Mandrel Kits, M6 RS Pro M6
Mandrel kit,M5 POP M5
Böllhoff M8 Mandrel and Anvil Set 23512008001 Böllhoff M8
Böllhoff M10 Mandrel and Anvil Set 23512010001 Böllhoff M10
Mandrel kit,M6 POP M6
Böllhoff M5 Mandrel 23511905001 Böllhoff M5
Böllhoff M6 Mandrel and Anvil Set 23512006001 Böllhoff M6
Böllhoff M4 Mandrel 23511904001 Böllhoff M4
Böllhoff M6 Mandrel 23511906001 Böllhoff M6
Böllhoff M5 Mandrel and Anvil Set 23512005001 Böllhoff M5
Mandrel kit,M3 POP M3
Mandrel kit,M4 POP M4
Mandrel kit,M8 POP M8
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