Spray Gun Kits

What is a Spray gun kit?
A spray gun kit is a device used to disperse large amounts of liquid, usually paint in a quick amount of time.
How do they work?
You attach the kit with a hose outlet to any compatible paint or chemical reservoir, you then use usually a trigger to disperse the paint at your will. Using a steady flow motion you will move the nozzle where needed to disperse the paint or chemical.
Features and benefits:
• Faster than typical manual work, saving you time
• Ensures complete coverage of a surface area
• Access tricky corners where a typical roller may not
• Less likely to damage or scratch vs a typical roller device
• Different attachments available for wide variety of scenarios
• Cost effective as they last longer than typical rollers
Where might I use one?
• DIY in your home
• For your business
• Commercial applications
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Kit Type Kit Contents Model Number
RS PRO Air Brush Kit , Contains Various Contents RS Pro 15 Air brush kit Gravity Paint Cup, Pistol Airbrush, Propellant Adapter, Reduction Nipple: 1/4 in, Small Bore Hose: 5 feet AB931
CRC Line Marking Trolley , Contains Various Contents CRC 0 Air Spray Gun 4 Wheel Line Marking Trolley, 750 mm net, Aerosol Spray: 500 622
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