CCFL Inverters

Display inverters (also known as screen inverters) are small circuit boards that are used in electronic devices with displays (screens that show images). They change the direct current (DC) charge from the circuit's motherboard into an alternating current (AC). In other words, display inverters are a kind of power adapter.

How do display inverters work?

Without light, a displaywon't be able to show any images. Many displays use a CCFL (cold-cathode fluorescent lamp) which requires an inverter to work. Commonly known as a CCFL display inverter, this component prepares the DC power supply to work with the AC power requirements of the lamp.

Common applications for display inverters

Display inverters are commonly used in electronic devices such as computer monitors, notebooks, portable media players, mobile phones and tablet PCs. When choosing your display inverter you can select from a range of sizes, depending on your application. You can also choose from fixed or dimming options for lighting.

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JKL BXA-24529 2-Channel Display Inverter, 24V dc Input
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JKL BXA-24529 2-Channel Display Inverter, 24V dc Input
  • € 13,95
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