Router Tools

Routing tools are typically used in woodworking for a range of jobs but can also be used to work on acrylic and a small number of other materials. Routers can be hand held or table based and can also be mounted to computerised table for CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine cutting.
A specialised tool used for decorative edging work, routers can also be used for joinery, hollowing and for flattening uneven pieces of wood. Handheld routers sometimes referred to as Plunge Routers, allow the user to set a cut depth before use to ensure precision and let the user focus on keeping the tool level and steady.
Routers, like drills, are a chuck based tool and most often require a spanner to change router bit. Router bits come in two shank sizes ” and ”, most routers come with two separate collets to accommodate these different bit sizes and must be used with their respective bit sizes for safety. Different shank sizes are often dependant on the use of a bit as large long cut pieces or flattening bits will require a larger shank for added strength in use and smaller detail work bits will often have a ” shank. Tool bits come in a range of shapes for straight edge work, detail edging and flattening as well as more specific jobs such as a dovetail cutting bit for dovetail joints. Router bits can also come with a built in bearing guide that can be used against the material being cut or against a cutting jig or template for accuracy and speed.
Which router tool is best for you?
When selecting a router, also check the router power and refer to manufacturers guidelines on the cutting ability for safety purposes to avoid failure of the tool and to make sure you get the best end product.
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Type Cutting Speed Wattage Voltage Rating Chuck Size
Makita RT0700CX4, 6.35mm Palm Router, 710W, 10000 → 30000rpm, 240V Makita 9 Trimmer 10000 → 30000rpm 710W 240V 6.35mm
Makita RT0700CX4, 6.35mm Palm Router, 710W, 10000 → 30000rpm, 110V Makita 1 Trimmer 10000 → 30000rpm 710W 110V 6.35mm
Hozan, 18mm Tile Router, 20W, 7000 → 16500, 100V ac Hozan 0 Mini Router 7000 → 16500 20W 100V ac 18mm
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