Hydraulic Thread Identification Kits

Hydraulic thread identification kits are used for identifying the thread dimensions and connection styles of a particular brand’s products. However, they're often also applicable to hydraulic components from other brands and multiple countries because of international industry standards.

Thread identifications kits contain a catalogue of technical specifications for a wide range of different threads on hydraulic adaptors, fittings and couplings. They may also include implements for physically measuring threads, such as thread gauges, callipers and thread profiles, so you can purchase parts with the confidence that they'll match your existing hardware.

These kits help identify a range of thread standards, such as metric, SAE, BSP and NPT threads.

Why use hydraulic thread identification kits?

Thread identification is essential when purchasing fittings for hydraulic systems to ensure compatibility between parts. Incorrect thread patterns can mean failure of a hydraulic system because of a failure to properly seal threaded connections.

Types of hydraulic thread identification kits

Hydraulic thread identification kits are usually specific to a brand, especially with regard to any product list or instructions it may contain. Certain standards are compatible across brands and internationally, however.

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