SDS Chisels

SDS chisels are a power tool based chisel that work in conjunction with an SDS drill. SDS drills are high power drills with a unique chuck system allowing for longer travel when used on hammer or hammer drill modes. This extended hammer travel, with the overall added weight of the drill, creates a powerful tool when paired with a chisel bit. Their high impact construction creates a long lasting reliable tool that can tackle a wide variety of materials with ease. SDS chisels come in a range of widths for tackling almost any job.

Features and Benefits
• Powerful breaking ability
• Solid construction
• Suitable for use on brick, block, concrete and most other masonry materials
Where might I use one?
Perfect for heavy duty removal of masonry, ceramic and other hardcore materials, SDS chisels save both time and energy on the job. Suitable for tackling brick, block, tile and stone work in any SDS drill. Always wear suitable eye and ear protection when working with an SDS chisel as well as face mask to avoid inhaling masonry dust.
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Detalii produs Marca Type Size
Rennsteig 40 mm Spade/Scaling Chisels Rennsteig Spade/Scaling Chisels 40 mm
Rennsteig 20 mm Cold Chisel Rennsteig Cold Chisel 20 mm
Rennsteig 14 mm Pointed Chisel Rennsteig Pointed Chisel 14 mm
Rennsteig 40 mm Floor Chisel Rennsteig Floor Chisel 40 mm
CHISEL SDS PLUS Bosch Chisel -
FLAT CHISEL SDS PLUS Bosch Flat chisel -
Rennsteig 22 mm Grooving Chisels Rennsteig Grooving Chisels 22 mm
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