Crocodile Clips

Crocodile clips, also known as alligator clips, are spring loaded clips made from metal. Crocodile clips are typically serrated and have small teeth.

What are the benefits of crocodile clips made from different materials?

Crocodile clips can be constructed from a variety of metals, but the most common are steel (stainless, nickel plated or gold plated) and copper.

  • Stainless steel is incredibly hard wearing and resistant to corrosion, making it a popular choice for crocodile clips. However, stainless steel can be a difficult material to solder, which you may need to take into consideration when choosing the right crocodile clip for your application.

  • Nickel plated steel is also suited to a wide range of industries and (like stainless steel) provides you with excellent corrosion resistance.

  • Gold plated steel crocodile clips are typically more expensive than other steel counterparts but ideal for applications that require a low level of resistance and a high level of conductivity. Gold plating wears fairly easily, so you should only use this type of clip in situations where a large number of cycles aren’t required.

  • Copper crocodile clips are suited to applications that require excellent electrical conduction.

What are crocodile clips used for?

Crocodile clips are most commonly used for making temporary electrical connections. Clips can be used to connect two wires or to connect one lead directly to a device. They are incredibly useful in laboratories or experimental circuits. They are often used in educational settings to help demonstrate light bulbs, circuitry and batteries.

Crocodile clips can also be used for holding identification badges onto lanyards, or for dentistry bibs. They are also utilised by hobbyists to hold things together for gluing or modelling.

What are automotive clips?

Larger sized crocodile clips are typically used in the automotive industry. They can also be referred to as plier clips, plier style clips or battery clamps. Plier clips can be used for jumper cables, battery chargers and welding applications. They are constructed from materials with low electrical resistance such as solid copper and are insulated.

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Detalii produs Marca Stock Current Rating Jaw Opening Contact Material Insulated Culoare Insulation Material
Mueller Alligator Clip, Steel Contact, 10A, Black Mueller 942 10A 7.9 (Maximum)mm Steel - Black -
Red Insulated Cover for 303-0000 Crocodi Deltron 622 - - - Yes Red PVC
Black Insulated Cover for 304-0000 Croco Deltron 607 - - - Yes Black PVC
Deltron Crocodile Clip, 25A Deltron 574 25A 30mm - - - -
Red Insulated Cover for 304-0000 Crocodi Deltron 540 - - - Yes Red PVC
Miniature Alligator clip Barrel - 5 Amp Mueller 307 5A 4.8mm - Yes Gold PVC
Black Insulated Cover for 303-0000 Croco Deltron 269 - - - Yes Black PVC
Mueller Alligator Clip, Silver Contact, 5A Mueller 269 5A 25.4mm Silver - - -
Mueller Alligator Clip, 40A, Red Mueller 225 40A 13mm - Yes Red Molded PVC
Mueller Alligator Clip, Black Mueller 219 - - - Yes Black PVC
General Purpose Stainless Steel Clip - 2 Mueller 212 20A 16mm - Yes - -
Mueller Alligator Clip, 40A, Black Mueller 197 40A 13mm - Yes Black Molded PVC
Mueller Alligator Clip, Steel Contact, 10A Mueller 197 10A 7.9 (Maximum)mm Steel - - -
Pair of Red Insulators for 46 Clip Mueller 185 - - - Yes Red PVC
Schutzinger Crocodile Clip, Steel Contact, 16A Schutzinger 165 16A 8mm Steel - - -
Crocodile Clip Standard Loose Screw Roxburgh EMC 164 5A 15mm - - - -
Miniature Plier-Type Copper Clip - 75 Am Mueller 118 50A 28.6mm - - - -
Mueller Alligator Clip, Stainless Steel Contact, 50A Mueller 103 50A 29mm Stainless Steel - - -
Mueller Alligator Clip, Copper Contact, 10A Mueller 100 10A 7.9mm Copper Yes - -
Mueller Crocodile Clip, Copper Contact, 75A, Red Mueller 86 75A 28mm Copper Yes Red -
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