Air Hammers

An air hammer, also referred to as an air chisel, is a robust pneumatic hand tool used to carve in stone or cut metal objects. Air hammers have been designed to take away the effort of using a hammer by doing the work for you. They have ergonomic handles allowing them to be efficient, comfortable and ideal for heavy-duty applications.
Various tools can be used with an air hammer including a ball joint separator, exhaust pipe cutter, tapered punch and a rubber bushing splitter.

Air hammers have many features which allow them to be suitable for many different tasks.
• Variable speed actuation trigger
• Reinforced housing for durability
• Built in power regulator
• Quick change chuck
• High speed
• Comfortable grip
Isolated cylinders to reduce vibration

Types of Chisels
There are several different types of chisels available for air hammers:
• Pointed for concrete and masonry
• Flat for general chiselling, panel cutting, v-groove for woodworking
• Punch for driving in pins.

Uses for Air Hammers
As an air hammer can accept different tools depending on the required function, air hammers can be used for many applications. They are used for sheet metal cutting, channelling in concrete, block work, front-end jobs, general bolt cutting, pin driving on cars or trucks, structural maintenance and body shearing work.
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PREVOST 1/4in Air Hammer, 2100bpm (TAH0952100VD) PREVOST 0 2100bpm 283mm TAH0952100VD
RS PRO 1/4in Air Hammer, 3000bpm (APT517) RS Pro 15 3000bpm 175mm APT517
Needle scaler attachment for APP570SET RS Pro 8 2900bpm - -
RS PRO 1/4in Air Hammer, 2900bpm RS Pro 2 2900bpm 217mm -
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