Keyless Bushes

Keyless bushes are a type of cylindrical metal bearing that is used in power transmission in pneumatic and hydraulic systems. They provide a connection between a shaft and a hub and fit onto the shaft without marking it, which means that they eliminate the wear and tear caused to mounted components by other types of bushings, such as taper bushes or connections.

How do keyless bushes work?

Keyless bushes are mounted onto a shaft and then kept there using hydraulic pressure, which means that there is less chance of any micro-movement, which can sometimes cause fretting, where the part is worn away. You simply need to set them in position and lock them with a torque wrench. After installation they are easy to adjust both radially (around the shaft) and axially (parallel to the shaft), meaning there is minimal time where the machine or part is out of action.

Types of keyless bushes

Keyless bushes all function similarly, but they come in varying sizes in terms of both their shaft diameter and outside diameter, as well as having a broad range of maximum torque, which is the rotational force that can be applied to the bush.

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Detalii produs Marca Stock Shaft Diameter Outside Diameter Length Rated Torque Material
Trantorque keyless bush,22.5mm Lx12mm ID Fenner Drives 193 12mm 22.5mm 25.7mm 39Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,22mm L x 8mm ID Fenner Drives 72 8mm 19mm 22.2mm 23Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,3/4inODx3/8in ID Fenner Drives 54 3/8in 3/4in 7/8in 250Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,5/8inODx1/4in ID Fenner Drives 46 1/4in 5/8in 3/4in 150Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,19mm L x 6mm ID Fenner Drives 28 6mm 16mm 19.1mm 16Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,28.5mm Lx14mm ID Fenner Drives 28 14mm 22.5mm 28.6mm 44Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,28.5mm Lx16mm ID Fenner Drives 25 16mm 25.5mm 28.6mm 22.6Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,28.5mm Lx15mm ID Fenner Drives 23 15mm 25.5mm 28.6mm 22.6Nm Carbon Steel
Translock Mini Keyless Locking Bush,5mm RS Pro 21 5mm 16mm 19mm 11.8Nm Steel
Translock Mini Keyless Locking Bush,14mm RS Pro 20 14mm 25.5mm 28.5mm 43.9Nm Steel
Translock Mini Keyless Locking Bush,8mm RS Pro 15 8mm 19mm 22mm 22.9Nm Steel
Translock Mini Keyless Locking Bush,12mm RS Pro 11 12mm 22.5mm 25.5mm 39Nm Steel
Translock Mini Keyless Locking Bush,6mm RS Pro 10 6mm 16mm 19mm 15.7Nm Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,47.5mm Lx20mm ID Fenner Drives 10 20mm 45mm 47.6mm 290Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,7/8inODx1/2in ID Fenner Drives 10 1/2in 7/8in 1in 350Nm Carbon Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,57.0mm Lx30mm ID Fenner Drives 8 30mm 51mm 57.2mm 580Nm Carbon Steel
Translock Mini Keyless Locking Bush,10mm RS Pro 6 10mm 22.5mm 25.5mm 30.2Nm Steel
Trantorque keyless bush,47.5mm Lx22mm ID Fenner Drives 5 22mm 45mm 47.6mm 315Nm Carbon Steel
Translock Keyless Lock Bush,25mm RS Pro 4 25mm 45mm 47.5mm 392Nm Steel
Translock Mini Keyless Locking Bush,9mm RS Pro 4 9mm 19mm 22mm 26.1Nm Steel
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