A Sledgehammer is a tool with a large, flat, often metal head, attached to a handle. Designed for heavy-duty applications such as Demolition. They are available in a variety of head materials dependent on the task.

How they work
Sledgehammers rely upon the physical strengths of the operator to deliver accurate blows. Sledgehammers have striking faces that are strong and are used in instances where an ordinary hammer will not complete a task.

Always use safety equipment such as safety googles, ear defenders and reusable gloves.

Types of Sledgehammers
  • Copper /Aluminium, Bronze - Also known as non-sparking sledge hammers and designed for use in explosive or flammable atmospheres, where regular tools may create potentially dangerous sparks. They are non-magnetic, explosion proof and corrosion resistant. Typical applications include mining, petrol and gas extraction, petrochemical refineries, energy production and transportation.
  • Carbon Steel Sledgehammer: Heavy-Duty Carbon Steel Sledgehammer, lightweight and strong. Heat treated to withstand the highest impact.
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Weight Handle Material Grip Material Handle Length Head Material
Bahco 1.5kg Sledgehammer, 357mm Handle Bahco 0 1.5kg Fibreglass - 357mm -
Bahco 1kg Sledgehammer, 313mm Handle Bahco 0 1kg Fibreglass - 313mm -
Bahco 2.5kg Sledgehammer, 350mm Handle Bahco 0 2.5kg Fibreglass - 350mm -
Bahco 2kg Sledgehammer, 353mm Handle Bahco 0 2kg Fibreglass - 353mm -
Bahco 3.6kg Sledgehammer, 644mm Handle Bahco 0 3.6kg Fibreglass - 644mm -
Bahco 3kg Sledgehammer, 647mm Handle Bahco 0 3kg Fibreglass - 647mm -
EMBOUT POUR MAS SS REBOND 60MM Facom 0 - - - - -
Facom 0.135kg Sledgehammer Facom 0 0.135kg - - - Aluminium
Facom 0.22kg Sledgehammer Facom 0 0.22kg - - - Steel
Facom 0.345kg Sledgehammer Facom 0 0.345kg - - - Steel
Facom 1200g Sledgehammer, 270mm Handle Facom 0 1200g Fibreglass - 270mm Steel
Facom 840g Sledgehammer, 270mm Handle Facom 0 840g Fibreglass - 270mm Steel
RS PRO 3.2kg Sledgehammer, 762mm Handle RS Pro 150 3.2kg Fibreglass Thermoplastic Rubber 762mm Medium Carbon Steel
Bahco 900g Sledgehammer, 290mm Handle Bahco 35 900g Steel Polyurethane 290mm Steel
Bahco 1.8kg Sledgehammer, 251mm Handle Bahco 15 1.8kg Rubber Reinforced with a High Carbon Steel Spring Rod Rubber 251mm -
Ega-Master 5kg Sledgehammer, 900mm Handle Ega-Master 11 5kg Fibreglass Thermoplastic Rubber 900mm Beryllium Copper
Bahco 3.6kg Sledgehammer, 729mm Handle Bahco 8 3.6kg Rubber Reinforced with a High Carbon Steel Spring Rod Rubber 729mm -
Bahco 4.5kg Sledgehammer, 836mm Handle Bahco 6 4.5kg Fibreglass - 836mm Aluminium; Bronze
Bahco 4.5kg Sledgehammer, 729mm Handle Bahco 4 4.5kg Rubber Reinforced with a High Carbon Steel Spring Rod Rubber 729mm -
Ega-Master 3kg Sledgehammer, 900mm Handle Ega-Master 4 3kg Fibreglass Thermoplastic Rubber 900mm Beryllium Copper
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