Tool Balancers

What is a Tool Balancer?
Tool balancers also known as spring balancers, power tool holders or power tool assists are designed to hold and counterbalance tools in a pre-set position making them weightless during use. The tool balancer consists of a reel containing an extendable support cable that is suspended from an overhead line or connected to a fitting in the workplace. The tool is then connected to the tool balancer by a suspension hook. A tensioning spring inside the balancer is fine adjusted to the weight of the tool using a tensioning knob. Tool balancers are available with different load capacities and cable travel lengths
• Provides weightless operation of tools
• Increases operator comfort and decreases fatigue
• Increases productivity allowing use of tool over long periods of time
• Keeps tool away from work area when not needed
• Prevents tools from being dropped onto the floor and damaged
• Easy to adjust using integrated tensioner
Tool balancers are ideal for use in industrial settings where heavy tools are frequently used in the same position in bench or assembly line jobs. Applications include portable power tools, pneumatic tools and hydraulic tools.
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Load Capacity Maximum Travel Weight
Aero-Motive Light Industrial Duty Balanc Molex 9 4.1kg - 2.8kg
Aero-Motive Light Industrial Duty BF Bal Molex 6 10.9kg - 3kg
Aero-Motive Heavy Industrial Duty Balanc Molex 2 20.5kg - 7.7kg
Aero-Motive Light Industrial Duty Balanc Molex 2 8.2kg - 2.8kg
Aero-Motive Heavy Industrial Duty Balanc Molex 1 32kg - 18.1kg
Aero-Motive Light Industrial Duty Balanc Molex 1 4.1kg - 2.6kg
RFL8 RETRACTOR [6-8LB/2.7-3.6K; RFL8 Molex 1 3.6kg - 10.8kg
Aero-Motive Light Industrial Duty Balanc Molex 0 3.6kg - -
Aero-Motive; Retractor; Weight range [1. Molex 0 2.7kg - 1.5kg
2.0 - 3.0Kg Tool Balancer RS Pro 230 3kg 1600mm -
GM31 Aero-Motive Tool Positioner Molex 114 4.5kg 1400mm 97g
1.0 - 2.0Kg Tool Balancer RS Pro 104 2kg 1600mm -
RS PRO 1.2kg Tool Balancer RS Pro 95 1.2kg 1600mm -
Aero-Motive Standard-Duty Retractor rb2 Molex 51 0.9kg 1600mm 494g
Aero-Motive Standard-Duty Retractor rb4 Molex 29 1.8kg 1600mm 500g
BF24BALANCERWITHRATCHETLOCK Molex 10 10.9kg 2000mm -
RB210RETRACTOR[0-2LB/0-0.9KG]10FT Molex 8 0.9kg 3050mm 500g
AB11[8-11LB/3.6-5.0KG]&5.3FT[1.6M] ab11 Molex 2 5kg 1520mm 1.1kg
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