Gas Blow Torches

A gas blow torch is a hand held device, powered by some kind of gas for quick and accurate soldering needs.
How do they work?
They work by inserting a type of gas, such as butane gas into the device to power it. You then press a button or trigger to release the gas in flame form to heat up and work as you need it.
Features and benefits:
● Different sizes of reservoir to store varying levels of gases
● Controlled burn with high precision accuracy
● Cut off features in some models for emergency situations
Where might I use one?
● Industrial settings for welding especially
● Home repairs or projects
● General maintenance
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Detalii produs Marca Stock Category Maximum Cutting Capacity Minimum Cutting Capacity For Use With Model Number
RS PRO Gas Blow Torch Blow Torch RS Pro 1171 Blow Torch - - - MT790
RS PRO Gas Blow Torch Blow Torch Butane RS Pro 403 Blow Torch - - Butane BHT0005
RS PRO Gas Blow Torch Blow Torch RS Pro 271 Blow Torch - - - PT500
Dremel Gas Blow Torch Blow Torch Dremel 89 Blow Torch - - - 2200-4
Master Mite Gas Blow Torch Gas Torch Butane Gas Master Mite 21 Gas Torch - - Butane Gas MT-11
SIP Plasma Cutter, 10 to 12mm Cut SIP 13 - 12mm 10mm - Plasma 46
GCE Gas Blow Torch Cutting Torch, 6 → 300mm Cut GCE 5 Cutting Torch 300mm 6mm - -
GCE Gas Blow Torch Cutting Torch, 6 → 300mm Cut
  • Nr. Stoc RS 776-9655
  • Marca GCE
  • Cod Producator 0767688RS
GCE 4 Cutting Torch 30mm 0mm - -
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