Alarm systems are an ideal choice for protection in homes, commercial buildings and industrial buildings. Alarms secure entry points and can be linked to fire exit doors or windows and activate when opened to warn others that the area has been breached. Alarm systems are easy to install, can be battery operated or wired into the mains. Alarm elements can be wired connected or wireless for extra convenience and easy installation. They can be set using PIN codes making sure that only the required people e.g. family members or employees have access or have tamper warning protection.

Types of alarms:

• House Burglar Alarm
• Commercial Burglar Alarm
• Doors & Windows Alarm
• Personal Alarm

How does a security alarm system work?

An alarm system consists of door and window sensors, motion sensors to install in different rooms, a zonal control panel which allows you to see the zone that has been compromised and a siren.
The sensors communicate with the alarm system via the control panel. This can be armed or disarmed by using a passcode which is entered using a touchpad or wireless remote controls.
Once the alarm is set it is only activated if it either detects movement via the motion sensors or the security circuit is broken by the opening of a door or window. Most security alarm systems are audible with a loud siren if triggered although some can send messages to the police or to a mobile phone.

What is a typical application?

Regardless of the size of your home, an alarm system is ideal for protecting your house and possessions from burglars. It gives you a home security and peace of mind while the house is empty or while you are sleeping or on holiday.
Alarms are widely used in pubs, shops, warehouses and factories as they are places that contain a lot of expensive goods and equipment.
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Exitguard door monitor alarm system,batt Hoyles 26 Exitguard 108dB Battery 7 → 14V dc 60 mm 125 mm 175mm
Dorwatcher Alarm - 240Vac Mains Powered Hoyles 17 - - - - 60 mm 125 mm 175mm
Dorwatcher Alarm - Battery Powered Hoyles 11 - - - - 60 mm 125 mm 175mm
Exitguard door monitor alarm sys,mains Hoyles 8 Exitguard 108dB Battery, Mains 240V ac 60 mm 125 mm 175mm
Speak dialler with LC display ABUS 6 Terxon - Mains 11.5 → 14V dc 30 mm 150 mm 104mm
Mydlink Home Siren with battery back-up D-Link 3 - 110dB - - 19 mm 110 mm 110mm
Terxon SX alarm panel ABUS 2 - - - - 85 mm 235 mm 235mm
Mayday lone worker safety alarm system Hoyles 1 Mayday 100dB Battery, Mains 12V 60 mm 175 mm 125mm
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