SDS Adapters

SDS adapters allow the use of drills bits with cylindrical shank in SDS rotary hammers with impact stop. Usually a cast steel construction to secure the holding of drill bits and offering superb strength and reliability to the adapter.
What are the benefits?
• These adapters are great at converting SDS drills to a cylindrical chuck drill bits.
• Saving you money in buying two different types of drills for different jobs.
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Detalii produs Marca Type Number of Pieces Mount Size Length Model Number
90mm magnetic SDS change adaptor RS Pro SDS Change Adaptor - 6.35 mm 90mm -
Dewalt DT7030-QZ 2 piece SDS Chuck Adapter Dewalt Chuck Adapter 2 1/2-20 UNF - DT7030-QZ
RS PRO 4 piece SDS Chuck Adapter RS Pro Chuck Adapter 4 1/2-20 UNF - -
GWA FC2 Angle attachment for Flexi-click Bosch - - - 95mm -
SDS-plus hammer attach for Flexi-click Bosch Flexi-Click Adapter - - 146mm GHA FC2
GEA FC2 Excenter Attach for Flexi-click Bosch - - - 91mm -
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