Soldering Iron Accessories

Soldering iron accessories are for your soldering and desoldering tools. Solder more quickly, easily and safely with a range of soldering iron accessories. Choose from brass wool for cleaning your soldering iron to stands for safely storing your soldering iron between uses.

A variety of soldering iron accessories

Choose from a variety of soldering iron accessories including:

  • Polishing bars - for cleaning and polishing your soldering iron tips.
  • Soldering iron tools - including a brush with steel wires to clean connections before soldering, a scraper to remove surplus solder and flux residues and a spike to clean in holes amongst other tools.
  • Soldering iron pre heating plate - these plates produce a highly concentrated heat wave when you need to solder with precision and without disturbing nearby components.

Soldering iron accessories: replacement or spare parts

If your soldering iron is worn or damaged, choose replacement or spare parts to get it back to into working order. There are replacement barrels, replacement heating elements, soldering iron tip connectors and more.

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Detalii produs Marca Stock Model Number Tip Shape Type For Use With Tip Size Series
PANNE POINTUE LONGUE Facom 0 - - - - - -
Heating Element SPI 41 230V Weller 0 - - - - - -
Heating Element for WST 82 Weller 0 - - - - - -
Weller WSR 208 Soldering Iron Safety Rest for use with WXPP Soldering Iron, WXPP MS Soldering Iron Weller 0 WSR 208 - Safety Rest WXPP Soldering Iron, WXPP MS Soldering Iron - -
Weller Cleaning Sponge for use with WDC Dry Cleaner Weller 1670 - - Sponge WDC Dry Cleaner - -
Weller Soldering Iron Replacement O-Ring for use with DSX80 Soldering Iron Weller 430 - - Replacement O-Ring DSX80 Soldering Iron - -
RS PRO Solder Reel Stand for use with Solder RS Pro 248 - - Solder Wire Dispenser Solder - -
Weller BA60 Soldering Iron Replacement Barrel for use with TCP Soldering Iron Weller 160 BA60 - Replacement Barrel TCP Soldering Iron - -
Weller PT O7 0.8 mm Straight Conical Soldering Iron Tip for use with TCP Series Soldering Irons Weller 149 PT O7 Straight Conical - TCP Series Soldering Irons 0.8 mm -
Weller Soldering Iron Kapton Strap for use with DS80 Desoldering Pencil Weller 145 - - Kapton Strap DS80 Desoldering Pencil - -
SS Spatula squared tip & rounded tip Idealtek 122 MPTSS3 - Stainless Steel Spatula Electronics Assembly, Lab Application - -
Weller Brass Wool for use with WDC Series Weller 119 - - Brass Wool WDC Series - -
Idealtek Soldering Aid Tool MPT for use with MPT Probes Idealtek 88 - - Tip MPT Probes - MPT
RS PRO Soldering Iron Stand for use with Soldering Irons RS Pro 79 - - Soldering Iron Stand Soldering Irons - KP88
Idealtek Soldering Aid Tool MPT for use with MPT Probes Idealtek 76 - - Tip MPT Probes - MPT
Weller PT CC7 3.2 mm Straight Hoof Soldering Iron Tip for use with TCPS; TCP12; TCP24 Soldering Irons Weller 73 PT CC7 Straight Hoof - TCPS; TCP12; TCP24 Soldering Irons 3.2 mm -
Ersa Soldering Iron Solder Tip connector Ersa 70 - - Solder tip connector 3N497; 3N539 i-Tool Soldering Irons - -
Weller HE1 Soldering Iron Replaceable Heating Element for use with TCP 24V Soldering Iron Weller 70 HE1 - 50 W Replaceable Heating Element TCP 24V Soldering Iron - -
RS PRO Soldering Iron Soldering Tool Set for use with Soldering Tools RS Pro 60 - - Soldering Tool Set Soldering Tools - -
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